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About Us

Cyntech gets its name from two words: cynosure and technology. Our focus is on ensuring our clients’ needs are met with only the best in holistic engineering solutions.

Engineering and the built environment are what drives us – particularly when it comes to ease of use of our system designs. Maximising the value on capital projects is our greatest intent, and our clients can rest assured that they will be provided with more effective and efficient engineering and business processes. We are on top of the most recent engineering trends, and the correct technology is always implemented in line with project requirements.

The key to our successful client relationships is that we enjoy what we do, and we take pride in providing them with a positive experience. Building meaningful connections with our clients is at our core, ensuring they’re armed with the knowledge that we’re in the project together to the very end.

Meeting or exceeding our clients’ needs and expectations is our goal and we strive to complete the project in the best yet simplest way, without the need for micromanagement. We adapt our project management processes to suit each clients’ needs, ensuring that we align with their procedures, rules and regulations.

With our highly qualified team, who have decades of collective experience in the industry, Cyntech aims to become Africa’s go-to organisation for practical, effective and efficient holistic engineering solutions.


Cyntech firmly believes in transformation and has followed a focused approach to empowering historically marginalised persons within the company. The company has a black ownership profile of 51%, held via a Trust which has been established in terms of the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Act (No. 53 of 2003) and the Amended Codes of Good Practice. The Cyntech BEE Trust provides ownership rights to black employees. This serves as a vehicle that will enable them to obtain an economic interest in the firm, allowing for an organic distribution of profits. As such, Cyntech is entitled to a B-BBEE status of Level 2 with 125% procurement recognition. Notwithstanding the above, Cyntech will also be embarking on a B-BBEE strategy to achieve Level 1 status by the end of 2019.

BEE Compliant

Registrations and Associations

Cyntech is fully committed to engineering excellence. We therefore encourage our employees to register with their relevant professional and statutory bodies and organisations, such as the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) and the South African Institute for Electrical Engineers (SAIEE). Cyntech is also mindful of the environment and is therefore registered with the Green Building Council (GBCSA), ensuring we design in a holistic and environmentally-sustainable manner. All professionals working for Cyntech are also motivated to register as mentors, as we care deeply about skills transfer from generation to generation.