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Nasmie Solomons

Senior Design Technician
Nasmie’s career trajectory from Electrical Design Technician to Cyntech’s Senior Electrical Design Technician is due in part to his five years of experience in low voltage and medium voltage design. He progressed to heading project designs including LV reticulation, motor control and protection, power factor correction, process control and instrumentation.

The majority of Nasmie’s experience was gained in the petroleum sector, designing MCCs, road loading and rail siding gantry electrics with automation and communication interface systems. He is also experienced in the design and construction of data centres, standby generators, essential power supplies and commercial high-rise building electrics.

In 2009, Nasmie began freelancing, where he met Cyntech’s Director Willem de Villiers and, later, Chairman Ashley Verhulp. This mutually beneficial working relationship led to Nasmie being the natural choice to come onboard with Cyntech.