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November 24, 2020
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Cyntech is known for its superior service in the field of engineering support. The Cyntech legacy, however, is not built solely on engineering ingenuity. The heart of Cyntech has always been the people behind the name. 

For Joshua Kensley, who joined Cyntech in 2019, it was the support received from his team and the company’s directors that enabled him to adapt to the strenuous workflow that Cyntech brings. When the constant back-and-forth of schematic drawings started affecting his efficiency, Joshua pulled together with his team and worked to put more efficient procedures in place, where system architecture is now finalised with all the necessary components listed before schematics are created. This is just one example of how Cyntech finds new approaches to ensure more successful outcomes with fewer delays. 

Avital aspect of any Cyntech project is the continuous connectivity between the various points in the engineering environment. This counts for the processes “behind the scenes” as well. The information needed in each project is integrated online, allowing each member to be an active part of the team no matter where they are physically located 

This sense of nationwide connectivity is further emphasised by Joshua when asked which superhero would most benefit current projects. “Superman. He could fly to any site in an instant.” But barring the assistance of the Last Son of Krypton, Cyntech’s commitment to engineering connectivity outshines its competitors by far. 

Cyntech is not only a place where experience is utilised, though, it is also a place where skills are developed, and new heights are reached through constant trainingImproved time management and communications skills may be a part of many professions, but thanks to his time at Cyntech, Joshua has also improved his AutoCAD proficiency and has developed a keen foresight of what is needed for projects, while broadening his knowledge of electronics as wellFor someone who feels that the electronic knowledge of Q, that most loveable quartermaster from the James Bond films, would be a welcome addition to the Cyntech team, Joshua is doing his best to become a Q in his own right. 

Cyntech is, simply out, “a great bunch of people”, in Joshua’s own words. The people behind the name, that’s where the engineering magic begins. 

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