Renewable Energy

In this day and age, where every aspect of operations relies on energy availability, unreliable power supply simply isn’t an option. With Cyntech’s solar systems and back-up battery solutions, your operations will be able to continue unaffected by any breaks in power supplies or shortages.

As experts in the field of sustainable energy and cost-saving engineering solutions, we can help you implement renewable energy into your operations, helping you save on energy costs and helping you minimise the impact your business has on the environment.

We help businesses in the industrial, farming and commercial sectors to move away from inconsistent, unreliable and unsustainable energy sources through our photovoltaic (PV) systems, which are designed to maximise efficiency, giving you sustainable energy you can always depend on.

Through a close study of your organisation and operations, we offer you support that takes aligns the interests and strategies of all involved parties, from operators to investors, across the value chain. We help your business access untapped opportunities and reach its fullest potential, helping businesses make strategic decisions that are geared towards present and future growth.

Our Renewable Energy services offer you:

Energy studies performed at your plant

Detailed analysis of your power usage

Custom system design and yield projections

Reduced electricity costs

Minimised carbon footprint

Reduced carbon tax

Increase business continuity

Annual returns are escalated

Our renewable energy solutions are not simply a sale of a product, though. At Cyntech, we offer you a turnkey solution, from consultation to installation, through to monitoring and maintenance. Because our solar and battery systems cater to each building and business’s unique energy needs and potentials, we structure our fees and solutions individually.

Each installation is also designed with the possibility of alteration and adaptation specifically kept in mind. Thanks to future-focused solutions, any expansions will be able to benefit from streamlined implementations within existing renewable energy structures.

Take the first step towards the ideal engineering solution specifically tailored and made for you.

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