Our advisory services provide essential business support by focusing on optimising the value chain and ultimately increasing profitability through maximising the value of investments.

Our conceptual studies include preliminary evaluations of alternatives and an initial estimation of costs of project brief facilitation. Project requirements are then amended where necessary by addressing value and risk. Finally, we help businesses strategise their capital allocations across their project portfolio through holistic analysis and planning.

We offer holistic services for new and existing works, including:

Evaluation of available technology options

Analysis of utilities and site requirements

Identification of personnel and training requirements

Financial analysis (Including capital cost and ROI estimates)

Project and operational risk assessment.

Custom capital asset programmes

Risk-appropriate solutions

Fit for purpose asset bases

Continuous improvement capabilities

Through a close study of your organisation and operations, we offer you support that takes aligns the interests and strategies of all involved parties, from operators to investors, across the value chain. We help your business access untapped opportunities and reach its fullest potential, helping businesses make strategic decisions that are geared towards present and future growth.

Take the first step towards the ideal engineering solution specifically tailored and made for you.

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