Lighting plays a vital role in security, safety, and architectural applications for a variety of industries. We provide the following energy-efficient and practical lighting designs:

Street lighting
To ensure traffic flow, citizen safety, and cost efficiency for cities, various types of illumination is needed when it comes to the complexities of transportation infrastructure. At Cyntech, we focus on cost-effective and sustainable designs for cities – today and into the future. By focusing on smart lighting systems, we allow for the simple and efficient management, maintenance and monitoring of the entire system.
Floodlighting is most commonly thought of as high-intensity, broad-beamed lighting that is used to illuminate large-scale outdoor areas. Typical areas that utilise floodlighting installations include sports venues, parking lots, airports, etc. At Cyntech, we use specialised lighting software to build 3D lighting models of our designs, ensuring that all statutory requirements are met whilst still maintaining the most efficient solution.
Security lighting
Exterior lighting in any sort naturally enhances the night-time security of a premises. But lighting that is specifically designed to discourage and defend against intrusion or attack will perform this function more in a vastly more effective manner. Our security lighting designs form part of a total security system which we always recommend using in conjunction with CCTV. At Cyntech, we understand the vital role security lighting plays in the night-time defence of your property and people.
Exterior and interior lighting for work and safety
The lighting of outdoor areas is vital to the safety of public movement, especially where people perform work, and is of paramount importance to us. We are well equipped to accept the responsibility that our lighting designs must ensure an environment where people can perform their duties safely at night. Knowing that your staff can perform their duties safely and are able to return to their homes at night will let you rest assured. This is the assurance Cyntech promises.
Commercial office intelligent lighting
Large-scale lighting systems are invariably network-based and incorporate communication between strategically placed motion- and/or illuminance sensors, and the light fixtures themselves. To provide the right amount of light at the right time and place, a central controller manages the entire network. We take pride in the fact that the smart lighting systems we design are focused around maximising energy savings for the client as well as complying with green building practices, for a more sustainable installation with a reduced impact on the environment.

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