Project Management

Professional project management is critical to a project’s success. Cyntech’s expertise has been built up across numerous projects, both large and small. We ensure that a holistic project management structure is put in place to ensure that our clients’ projects are delivered on time and within budget.

We offer a full project management service, from concept and inception through to handover and close-out. This service is provided across a range of sectors, including oil and gas, energy, commercial and infrastructure.

Our clients’ organisations are both complex and unique. Therefore, Cyntech provides a project management structure that’s aligned with each client’s particular requirements. We work in harmony with our client’s technical and operational personnel by being hands-on from beginning to end and ensuring that project deliverables are reached at every stage.

We offer various stages of project management, which will guide your project through to successful completion.

Stage 1 – Inception

During this process, we establish the client’s requirements and preferences. This enables us to assist them in developing a clear brief before appointing the necessary consultants, with whom we will share necessary information. The brief will incorporate the following aspects: objectives, priorities, constraints, assumptions, aspirations and strategies.

Deliverables will typically include:

  • Agreed services and scope of work
  • Signed agreement
  • Report on project, site and functional requirements
  • Schedule of consents, approvals and related lead times
Stage 2 - Concept & Viability

This stage covers the preparation and finalising of the project concept in accordance with the brief and regulatory authorities. This includes project scope, scale, character, form and function, as well as the preliminary programme and viability of the project.

Deliverables will typically include:

  • Concept design
  • Schedule of required surveys, tests and other investigations
  • Process design
  • Cost estimates
Stage 3 – Detailed Design

During this stage, we will develop the approved concept into a finalised design. This consists of outlining specifications, preparing a cost plan, determining financial viability and creating a project programme in accordance with the client’s requirements.

Deliverables will typically include:

  • Detailed design drawings
  • Detailed reports
  • Local and other authority submission drawings
Stage 4 – Documentation & Procurement

This process involves the preparation of procurement and construction documentation. Our team will also confirm the procurement strategy and procedures before implementing them. We ensure the effective and timeous acquisition of all necessary resources, enabling the successful execution of the project.

Deliverables will typically include:

  • Technical specifications
  • Tender drawings
  • Budget construction cost
  • Tender documentation
  • Tender adjudication with recommendations
  • Priced contract documentation
Stage 5 – Contract Administration & Inspection

This stage involves managing, administering and monitoring the construction contracts and processes. It also includes the preparation and coordination of procedures and documentation to facilitate the practical completion of the work.

Deliverables will typically include:

  • Schedules of predicted cash flow
  • Construction drawings and documentation
  • Contract instructions
  • Valuations for payment certificates
  • Financial control reports
Stage 6 – Close-out

Finally, we administer the project close-out, which includes all the necessary documentation to facilitate effective completion. This will allow the project to be handed over to the client and enable them to start operating the plant.

Deliverables will typically include:

  • Works and final completion lists
  • Operations and maintenance manuals, guarantees and warranties
  • Record drawing and documentation
  • Final account

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