Here’s to reaching new heights! Sikho Ndzeku, congratulations on your promotion to Associate!

Embracing New Business Models Through IIoT
September 29, 2021

At Cyntech, we know that when each individual part functions as it should, the whole system becomes more effective and reliable in the automation world. That’s why we are proud to announce Sikho Ndzeku’s promotion to Associate, in recognition of his contribution to making the Cyntech system all it can be.

Sikho has been the perfect example of how big an influence a single individual can have on a team since day one, fully embracing the collaborative nature of Cyntech’s work. Thanks to his holistic understanding of each project, Sikho grasps the value that each member brings to the different elements of a project, supporting them wherever he can in order to realise optimal efficiency.

Cyntech is not focused simply on utilising what already exists, but also creating new opportunities and niches in the market. To achieve this objective, Sikho has proven his commitment to finding new, more efficient approaches and pushing the boundaries of engineering possibilities to help Cyntech grow to new heights.

With his promotion to associate, we cannot wait to see the new heights Sikho is going to reach next.

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